Video Shows the Final Moment Australian Toddler Was Seen Alive

November 1, 2018 Updated: November 22, 2018

Police in Canberra, Australia, released footage this week of the final hours of a toddler before she was killed.

The toddler died in April 2018, but the footage was only released to the public on Oct. 31.

Superintendent Scott Moller said that he believes the toddler, Safa Annour, was murdered. She died from a fatal blow and internal bleeding.

He stated: “A post-mortem examination established that Safa died as the result of blunt force trauma and fatal internal bleeding. These injuries were caused by another person. Police have identified two people responsible for Safa’s care during the time she is suspected to have received her fatal injuries,” according to Storyful.

After she got off the bus, as shown in the video, it’s not exactly clear what happened, ABC reported.

“[That footage is] our focal point … but certainly anyone who is aware of Safa, or her family or friends, we’d be interested in talking to them as well,” Moller said. “We’re trying to get any information from the public that may have witnessed any injury sustained to Safa.

“We’d be calling for anybody that’s seen anything suspicious, and could help us with our investigation,” he added.

Two people responsible for the girl’s care were identified by police. But police are still looking to find a suspect in the case.

Moller told the Canberra Times: “At the time of her death, we made a decision not to release those details to the public. Since that time, the investigation has taken us along a line of inquiry and we have decided to release these details.”