Video Shows Teacher Yelling at Students, Hurling Objects Before Being Removed From Classroom

January 12, 2018 Updated: January 12, 2018

An Oklahoma school teacher was removed from his classroom after he lost his temper in a scene captured on video and later circulated on Facebook.

Robert Reynolds, an English teacher at Edison Preparatory School, is seen yelling at students, pushing a desk over, and hurling objects in the footage, which was taken by a student on a phone.

“I was pretty shocked it was that bad,” 9th grader Peter Fabian told News On 6.

However, Fabian said Reynolds is known for getting upset.

“He’s pretty normal but sometimes he has fits like that,” he said.

Dr. Deborah Gist, the district superintendent, told the broadcaster that Reynolds likely won’t teach again in a Tulsa school. – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – |
Parents and others had differing reactions on Facebook.

“Need to see the first part of this video. You know, the part that shows what lead up to his reaction. I doubt it ‘just happened.’ Not saying his behavior is right but I guarantee you someone provoked this,” said one user.

Another said, “You all saying it doesn’t matter, spend a day in a title one tps middle school or above classroom. There are schools that have gone through multiple teachers this year because kids have accepted it as a challenge to make a teacher so miserable they quit.

“Someone should ask why a teacher can be driven to this?”

“All of y’all are taking his side this man could’ve thrown one of your kids like that, I’m a student at Edison and he walk around unhappy everyday maybe he needs to find a job that fit him,” added another.



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