Video Shows Stunning Moment When Dump Trailer Destroys Massive Highway Sign

August 25, 2017 Updated: December 4, 2018

A driver in Houston captured the stunning moment when a large dump truck with its trailer raised smashed into a highway sign.

Carlos Escobedo filmed the scene on the East Loop of Interstate 610 in Houston, Texas, near the Market Street exit, Live Trucking reported.

The truck slammed into a massive overhead trestle, tearing it from its base and sending metal flying in all directions.

Escobedo saw the precarious position of the trailer and drove up to the truck attempting to notify the driver.

He filmed the moment on his phone. In the video, Escobedo can be seen waving to the truck driver to lower the trailer.

The truck driver did not respond to the warnings and minutes later Escobedo filmed a second video of the havoc that followed.

Police shut down all of the northbound lanes on the highway.

The truck suffered significant damage, but the condition of the driver is not yet known.

The video instantly went viral with with 13 million people viewing it on Facebook in less than 24 hours.