Video Shows Police Fatally Shooting Calif. Teen Lying on the Ground

July 7, 2016 Updated: July 7, 2016

Right after disturbing videos circulated of two incidents showing officers shooting black men, another has emerged. This one shows officers shooting a white teen while he is lying on the ground in Fresno, California.

Dylan Noble, 19, was shot by police on June 25. An attorney for Noble’s parents said they since received the video.

“Even though we have the utmost confidence in the District Attorney’s office in regard to this investigation, we are asking for an outside, independent investigation” into the shooting, the lawyer said.

The video, uploaded online, shows three officers giving orders to Noble, including “show us your hands” and “get your hands up.” One shot is heard. Then about 15 seconds later, another.

Noble is lying on the ground throughout. 

A screenshot of the incident (YouTube/screenshot)
A screenshot of the incident (YouTube/screenshot)

Fresno Police said the teen was shot four times, including two before the video was captured. Officers said they felt threatened by Noble during a traffic stop in a gas station parking lot.

According to a police press release, cited by ABC7, Noble pulled into the gas station parking lot and police said he refused to show his hands, making a “conscious effort to conceal one hand behind his back, then in his waistband, as he exited the truck, and walked away from officers.”

Officials then said Noble said he “hated his life,” and turned around and walked toward police. Officers then opened fire.

It was later determined that he was unarmed.

An unnamed witness standing about 100 feet away from the shooting recorded the video.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said officers were involved in a confrontation with Noble for more than a minute before the start of the video.

Dyer said Noble ignored police commands and mimicked the movements of someone armed with a gun. “When he gets within about 12 feet of the officers, he makes the statement ‘I hate my effing life’ and then he quickly starts to pull his hand out when the officer fires two rounds and shoots him,” Dyer told ABC7.

After police shot him, “he deliberately raised his shirt with the left hand and reached with his right hand underneath his shirt into the waistband,” Dyer said. “The officers, at that point, believed he was trying to retrieve a firearm and they fired.”

Two days after Noble’s death, a number of people came out to protest against police brutality in front of the gas station where he was shot. Some had signs that read, “Justice for Dylan” and “White Lives Matter,” according to a video from David Bailey, who was there. At night, it appeared that police were deployed to the protest.

On July 4, more supporters came out after Noble’s death, according to a separate video.