Video Shows Philadelphia Teen Throwing Whiskey Bottle at Van, Hitting 10-Year-Old Boy

June 21, 2018 Updated: June 21, 2018


Police officers are searching for a teen that hurled a whiskey bottle at a van, injuring a 10-year-old boy.

Officers told Fox 29 that the bottle, thrown at the passing van in North Philadelphia, hit the 10-year-old in the head after crashing through a window.

“This street is not safe, especially at nighttime,” the victim’s father said.

He said the boy’s mother was driving.

“She was very upset, you know she was crying because my son got hurt you know,” the boy’s father told CBS. The mother and son had been trying to go to the park but ended up rushing to the hospital instead.

“That child had an abrasion—significant abrasion on the right side of his head—and cuts as a result of the glass shattering,” Northwest Detectives Captain Malachi Jones said.

The perpetrator was captured on camera throwing the bottle and officers are asking anyone with information to come forward. He is seen wearing a black shirt with a rooster on it and is described as an African-American male approximately 14 to 16 years old with a thin build and medium complexion.

One of the suspects caught on camera had thrown something else at another vehicle just a short time earlier.

“We believe that anybody who knows these individuals would be able to identify them whether family members, friends, neighbors,” Captain Jones said.

“These kids definitely need to be identified because if they are committing acts like this in broad daylight, they displayed a wanton disregard for public safety. People often times say well they are our kids, but the acts they committed could have resulted in very dire consequences.”

The bottle was thrown from the sidewalk of the 600 block of Lindley Avenue on June 14.

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