Video Shows Crowd of People Attacking California Police Officer’s Car

October 3, 2016 Updated: October 3, 2016

A mob of angry people surrounded a California police vehicle after the officer responded to calls of illegal street racing and reckless driving—and it was captured on video.

The footage shows a crowd of people hitting and kicking the vehicle as he sits inside. The incident occurred on Sept. 25.

“[expletive] the police, we run the streets,” the crowd of people said, said Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer, ABC30 reported.

Three suspects—identified as Federico Gonzalez, Gabriel DeAnda, and Milton Rodriguez—caused at least $12,000 in damages. They now face charges of felony vandalism.

“He admitted to kicking the CHP vehicle and said he did so because he was upset with the CHP because a CHP officer recently towed his vehicle,” Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer told ABC30.

“There were several other people that were kicking the sides of the CHP vehicle,” Dyer added. “People there were other people that were chanting, yelling, ‘F’ the police, we run the streets.'”

The officer was arriving to confront a crowd of about 80 people who police say where watching an illegal street race.

“This was absolute anarchy on the part of the individuals that were vandalizing the CHP vehicle with him inside,” Dyer added, according to Newschannel10. “I have no doubt that had that officer got out of the vehicle, they would have attacked him.”

“People think they can do things and get away with it when there are large numbers of people around,” Dyer continued. “But with the use of iPhone video, dash cams and our officers wearing body-worn cameras, they aren’t going to get away with it.”