Video Shows a Cop Killing a Family’s Dog, and its Owner Wants Justice

April 24, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

A deputy in Florida shot and killed a pet dog, which was filmed on his own bodycam (video at the bottom of this page), and authorities at the Pasco County Sheriff’s office say he won’t be punished for the incident. So as a result, the office has received death threats, while the owner wants to file a lawsuit, according to reports on Friday.

The deputy said that he shot the dog, a Rottweiler, in self-defense while he was out on a call. The owner, Carla Gloger, insists her animal was harmless and claimed the deputy shouldn’t have been on her property in the first place.

Deputy Kerry Kempink was responding to a burglary alarm call when the dogs came at him. The newly released video footage shows Kempink going down the driveway before two dogs came at him before he fired a at shot at one of the dogs. “He came right at me ma’am. I got it on camera, I got it on camera,” he says.

“They’re not even vicious,” Gloger told WTSP-TV, adding: “If he’s coming to protect my property he took my most valuable property away from me,” she said. “I can’t replace my dog that’s my family that’s my son.”

The dog that he killed was 18 months old, said Gloger, who added it was going to be a show dog, Fox13 reported.

(Pasco County Sheriff's Department)
From his personal body camera (Pasco County Sheriff’s Department)

She told Fox-13 he shouldn’t have hopped the gate when there’s a warning sign for guard dogs.

But Sheriff Chris Nocco said there’s more to the story.

“There’s been 36 calls to that residence since 2011,” he said. “The only way he could defend himself was to fire at that one dog and then the homeowner asked us to euthanize it,” added Nocco.

“You threaten one of our deputies, you threaten one of our citizens, we’re coming after you,” added Nocco.

The sheriff claimed the body camera illustrates that the dogs went after the deputy.

The full video of the incident can be watched here (warning–disturbing footage):