Video: Shooting Victim Gives Shockingly Calm Interview To Reporter During Live Broadcast

January 31, 2016 Updated: January 31, 2016

*WARNING: Some of the language used in the video might be offensive to some viewers.*

KHQA-TV reporter Reyna Harvey probably got the shock of her life when she interviewed a man who revealed he was just shot just moments prior to her arrival.

“I just spoke to the victim who was shot. He’s actually walking up right now as we speak,” she says in the video, while the victim, identified as “DeVon,” casually approaches the camera while smoking a cigarette, smiling.

“You know I’m in the room, chillin’ like I usually do—drinkin’—and somebody shot right through my back window, hit me in the chest,” he calmly states. He then adds he got “his son out the room.”

His injury was just a “little petty wound—I ain’t even trippin’ though,” he says before taking a drag of his cigarette.

Harvey then asks him to reveal his wound. DeVon obliges and lifts up his hoodie, showing a bloody bandage.

DeVon adds that “I don’t know what’s going on,” adding that people “want me dead.”

According to, the shooting happened in Quincy, Illinois, in the early morning hours.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Quincy is located on the Mississippi River near the Illinois-Missouri border.

In 2010, Forbes Magazine listed it as the eighth “Best Small City To Raise A Family.”