Video: Red-Hot Ball of Metal Vs Old Nokia Phone

March 12, 2016 Updated: March 12, 2016

So, there’s a guy who uploads videos on YouTube of him dropping red-hot balls of nickel on random items. And this time, he dropped the “RHBN” on a Nokia 3310–the cell phone that was popular back in the early 2000s.

The Nokia 3310 phones have been termed as “indestructible” because of their resiliency to being cracked or damaged in any way. At the time, the phone had a number of awesome features that few other phones had at the time, including a calculator, network monitor, a stop watch, and a number of games.

But alas, the 3310 can’t resist red-hot balls of metal. Nickel has a melting point of around 2,651 degrees Fahrenheit.

The RHBM YouTuber also posted a video of a RHBN being dropped on a block of cheese, and it’s actually more fun to watch than the Nokia video: