Video of Dancing Girl Went Viral After Attacking Elderly Man at the Supreme Court

October 9, 2018 Updated: October 10, 2018

Video capturing a girl dancing in front of an elderly man outside the Supreme Court went viral on Oct. 6 and Oct. 7.

According to The Daily Wire, the video was shot during a protest regarding the recent confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, which also shows the girl in jean shorts jumping and dancing around the elderly gentleman, as well as trying to knock down his signs that read, “She is a good liar,” and “Arm teachers, protect kids.”

In the video, the girl was seen shouting “Hey hey, ho ho, Kavanaugh has got to go!” alongside a young man who was also dancing to the crowd’s chanting. Within a few seconds, she slapped her right hand onto one of the signs that the elderly man was peacefully holding.

Actor James Woods shared the brief video and commented, “You’ll be seeing this hopping sausage lover in every campaign ad this month.”

While the incident stirred up celebrities, some Twitter users also retweeted and condemned the girl’s act toward the elderly man.

On Oct. 7, a photo tweeted by Ruptly showed the girl with the same black tank top and jean shorts was zip-tied from behind and accompanied by law enforcement, while it’s not clear if she was arrested or simply handcuffed and taken away from the scene.

The Daily Wire also reported that according to Capitol police, 164 were arrested on Saturday as protesters hopped over barricades to protest at the Capitol.