Video: Lions Circle Trapped Baby Elephant and Its Panicked Mom, but Here Comes the Help

May 1, 2019 Updated: May 2, 2019

A dramatic video has recently surfaced online of the intense moment a poor trapped baby elephant’s mother tries desperately to rescue her stricken child from a ditch as a pride of lion’s close in and the rest of her herd give up and abandon them.

In the video we watch as the poor infant elephant lies trapped upside down in a ditch with its legs kicking desperately in the air. Its desperate mother paces around it, unsure how to help the stricken animal but at the same time trying hard to keep the hungry looking lions at bay.

Initially the infants mother has the help and protection of her on herd but with the lions closing in by the second, the other elephants seemingly abandon the cause and leave the poor infant to its fate.

It seems as if all hope is lost and the mother frantically circles her child, desperately looking for a way to keep it safe. It’s in this moment when all hope seems lost that a ray of light appears on the horizon in the form of a second herd who come charging through the lions to the rescue.

With the new group forming a protective circle, the herd’s matriarch begins to desperately try to free the poor infant who continues to kick its legs in the air helplessly.

Just as the new herd too begin to also lose hope, the matriarch digs deep and with one final effort pulls the poor baby elephant from the ditch and back onto its four legs where it staggers unsteady for a moment.

But it’s the final shot of the video that is the truly heart-warming as the infant’s ecstatic mother races back to her child as fast as she can before running her trunk over its back lovingly.