Video: Kyrie Irving Hits 3-Point Shot to Force Overtime Against Spurs

March 13, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

Kyrie Irving took over on Thursday night, scoring 20 points in the final minute of regulation and the five minutes of overtime.

Irving took over the game late, including making a falling away three-pointer with less than two seconds left to send the game into the extra period.

That shot game after he had just drained two other three-pointers to cut the Spurs lead to three.

That, combined with the Spurs missing a number of free throws, left the possibility of overtime if the Cavaliers could make another three.

And Irving stepped up and hit it.

The game ended at 127-124 in overtime, after Irving scored some more points and LeBron James chipped in a few as well.

Irving’s 57 points set a new career-high.

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