Video: Judge Slams Alleged Gang Member in Court

July 29, 2015 Updated: December 17, 2017

A viral video shows Judge Statom of Chattanooga, Tennessee, totally slamming a gang member.

O’Shea Smith appeared before the judge on an attempted murder charge earlier this year.



When he spoke about his “hood,” she replied: “Sir, East Lake Courts is not your hood, it’s the citizens of the United States who own that because they work and they pay taxes. You don’t own that.”

She added, “People like you have made it a violent, unsafe place to live. I don’t think you want to say a word to me, Mr. Smith.”

Statom, in a later news report, said that her grandparents used to live in East Lake Courts. She added that she took personal offense to Smith’s remarks. “I believe that it’s important that gang members in our community know that their behavior is unacceptable and will no longer be tolerated,” Statom said.

“I believe that particularly women should get an education so that they can support themselves and they don’t have to stay in domestic violence situations simply because they are unable to support themselves,” Statom added.