Video: First Set of Septuplets Turn 18

By Epoch Newsroom
Epoch Newsroom
Epoch Newsroom
October 1, 2015 Updated: May 1, 2016

These kids made history in 1997. 

Back then, Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey became the parents of the first set of septuplets to survive birth.

18 years later, all the kids are healthy and vibrant, and mom and dad are emotional about their success. 

“They have flown by,” an emotional Bobbi told Today about the years since their historic birth.

“Just because there’s been so many things that have happened. The memories, the joy, the heartaches that happened. It’s what has guided us to where we are today, and it’s very special.”

The kids have remained close. 

“You’re never alone,” Kenny Jr. said. “There’s always someone to talk to and hang out with. That’s what I think is the best.”