Video: Firefighter And Wife Have Taken In 22 Children, But Down to 13

April 20, 2016 Updated: April 20, 2016

A firefighter and his wife live extraordinary lives. They live in a three-bedroom home, but they had 22 kids living with them at one point.

The Atlanta firefighter now have 13 children living with them. Three of the biological children are their own, including three birth children, five adopted children, and five kids that they have guardianship over.

“My wife and I adopted five kids, and we have another three of our own. And we have guardianship of five other kids. That would make 13,” Mario Vieira said a few years ago.

“We wish we could take more. And my wife, she’s not done. She has a husband who’s a sucker. We say yes. We don’t know how to say no a lot,” he added, per 11 Alive TV.

His wife stays at home with the kids. Meanwhile, Vieira supports them with his salary.

“When I go to the station, it’s my day off,” he laughs. “I love it. I love it. It’s a great job. Best job in the world, definitely. It’s fun. I get to help people and do what I love and get paid for it. That’s the best place to be.”

“We’re not rich materially, but we have enough,” he added.

Vieira said that he’s trying to give the children a happy home.

“Black and white and brown, they’re all the same, and they treat each other the same,” Mario said, “It’s between me and God. There’s no money involved. It’s a good feeling doing the right thing. It’s not always easy being the biggest family around.”