Video: Dozens Fall through Floor at Party near University of North Texas

November 13, 2017 Updated: November 13, 2017

A college party North Texas ended with screams after the floor collapsed beneath people dancing in student housing on Sunday.

A hundred people were packed into the apartment when the accident happened. Luckily, the residents below had already left by the time the ceiling collapsed. The first 911 call reporting the accident was made at 1:47 a.m., NBC CT reported.

At the time of the collapse, party-goers were in a room jumping up and down. When the floor gave in, pipes broke and leaked down to the second and first floors. Amazingly, there were no major injuries. Around 10 people sustained minor injuries, with some driving themselves to the hospital after the incident.

Around 50 residents were forced to evacuate the building. Two tenants living below decided to go to the police when they felt the apartment shaking. They’d left right before the floor collapsed.

“My door has never shaked [sic] before,” resident Briceida Castro told NBC. “And I knew at that moment that I had to leave. I told my roommate, ‘We’re leaving. Like right now.'”

“I grabbed my keys, my wallet and I left to the police department,” she added.

Castro said that it wasn’t the first time she’d been bothered by wild parties at the complex, and it wasn’t the first time she’d complained. “This happens almost every weekend,” she said.

“Currently the building is completely shut down… until the apartment complex can get a structural engineer, and a construction crew out here to check the building out and certify that the entire building is safe,” said Denton Fire Marshal Brad Lahart.

The sister of one of the residents of the apartment below the party set up a crowdfunding campaign seeking $6,000 to replace belongings destroyed in the collapse. According to the page, four residents live in the apartment. The page mentions that the sister did not have renters’ insurance and was living on a housing scholarship.