Video: Chinese Man Pushes Girlfriend Down Manhole

By Cassie Ryan, Epoch Times
February 17, 2014 Updated: February 17, 2014

A woman in Hainan Province survived in a manhole for over 60 hours, after a man who owed her money shoved her down there, and left her for dead.

The woman, Ms. Guo, was eventually rescued, and the entire incident was captured on a street surveillance camera, Sina News reported.

The footage shows the man first replacing the drain cover with a sheet of cardboard on Dec. 12. He later returns with the woman, running through the rain holding an umbrella. He then steers her over to the cardboard, pushes her down into the hole after she falls in, and covers it with the lid.

Ms. Guo recounted her ordeal to the Nanguo Metropolis Daily. She dared not sleep on the first day, and stayed alert in the darkness, surrounded by water in the drain. The man stayed nearby, so she kept quiet in a place where he could not see her and pretended to be dead.

The next day, Ms. Guo tried to get help by shouting, and using the umbrella to put two 100 yuan notes through a hole in the cover. However, no one heard her, and someone took the money, but without realizing she was there.

Next, she removed her clothes, and made a rope ladder by throwing them over a pump to climb up, but she fell and fainted.

On the third day, she drank some water from the drain to keep her going, and tried to climb again. This time she managed to push the cover up, and stick her hand out to wave for help.

By the time she was rescued, her whole body was pale and swollen from being stuck in the water.

Ms. Guo believes the man attempted to kill her because he owes her over 100,000 yuan ($16,490). Police have arrested the man for attempted murder, and say that he is a gambling addict.

Research by Ariel Tian.