Video: bizarre things this octopus does with coconut shells make scientists drown in laughter

April 27, 2019 Updated: April 27, 2019

Animals are very smart, and use a lot of things at their disposal to travel faster, consume prey, and otherwise use less energy. As a result, animals can seem like a curious bunch. They can seem a little silly, an do things that we as humans might not believe makes a lot of sense.

In this video, an octopus uses a coconut shell as a form of protection. Scientists believe that the octopus uses it as a tool, which makes them think that octopi might be far more intelligent thnn we give them credit for.

This slows down the octopus, which may seem like a disadvantage in the ocean. But as a result of them carrying around their shell, which can be made from a variety of materials, it shows that they will always have a place to hide when confronted with danger.

Before they get their shell, they walk around timidly, with their legs bunched in, as if they are bracing for an attack at any moment. But they grow far more confident once they finally find their shell. The octopus uses the sticky suctions in order to grab the shell on both sides, and squeeze it shut.

The suction cups are used as a form of “glue” that holds the shell closed tight. This means that when prey comes, it is able to quickly dive into its shell, being protected from any incoming attacks.

This goes to show that animals are fascinating, and we learn new things about them on a daily basis. With so many fascinating behaviors that many animals do, you would be shocked to find out about them. So always try to look up odd animal behaviors, it is bound to make your day that much more interesting.

Video Credit: Newsflare