[VIDEO] Amazing! Quick thinking trio saves the day—rescue a drowning fawn

December 5, 2017 Updated: December 23, 2017

One has to think on one’s feet when faced with an emergency. This trio did well when they managed to bring a fawn back to safety—it could have died drowning—truly blessed little deer.

Caitlin Ridell, her boyfriend, Rob Hersch and his roommate Tim Wilhoit were boating at the Choto Marina in Fort Loudoun Lake, Tennessee when they spotted a fawn trying very hard to stay afloat in the lake. Caitlin, at first thought, it was nothing but an inanimate log, however, when she looked closer, she realized that she couldn’t be more wrong.

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“We knew it was some sort of animal. I thought it was a beaver or something at first. Tim joked he thought it was a chihuahua because it was so small,” Caitlin told WATE.

“We finally realized it was a deer and it was a good ways away from the bank and it was really struggling at that point, so we kind of panicked for a second and weren’t sure what to do,” she added.

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Tim immediately tried to push the boat closer to the fawn while Rob jumped into the water wearing a life jacket.

“We saw the deer go under water completely for a second and saw some bubbles go up,” said Caitlin. “Then Rob jumped into the water. I threw him a second life jacket and he swam up to it and wrapped the deer up.”

Rob then swam further, prodding the fawn towards the bank.

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“As he got closer to the bank the fawn looked like it had kind of given up or was scared. When he got it up to the bank the guy from Choto picked it up and held it kind of like a little puppy dog almost. It seemed to have a sense of comfort about it once the guy got it to take it and dry it off,”  shared Caitlin.

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The worker informed the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency about the chain of events.