Video: 2015 Subaru WRX Jammed Fuel Door Workaround

By Mimi Li, Epoch Times
October 1, 2014 Updated: October 3, 2014


Autoblog’s 2015 Subaru WRX test car only has about 6,500 miles on it, but it suffers from an annoying problem. Its fuel door won’t open properly. That means that every time it comes to filling up, it’ll require the driver to pry the door open him or herself.

Thankfully, Autoblog editor Greg Migliore figured out an intuitive and time-saving way to unjam the fuel filler door. Watch above to find out how he did it, or read more about what he did below.

Don’t worry about digging through your garage for your toolset or crowbar. Migliore’s workaround involves just a pair of keys and is a simple workaround for filling up the Subaru WRX before you’re able to get it to the dealer or the mechanic.

Migliore’s solution? Pull up the fuel door release latch. Jam the keyfob underneath the latch. Ostensibly, you could also use something else that is small and durable here, as long as it stays in place. This maneuver keeps the latch fully extended open, with the Subaru WRX fuel door propped slightly ajar.

The fuel door is open just enough for you to pry the door open with your fingernails – or something like a credit card – and twist open the gas cap. Voila! Now you can fill ‘er up.

The issue with the fuel door on the 2015 Subaru WRX is well-documented, with multiple owners complaining of the issue on their blogs and in their Youtube videos. Here’s an example of one WRX owner’s frustrations (article continues after video):

According to the Subaru research and information website, the faulty fuel door is on models predating April 2014. WRX owners can solve the problem completely by replacing the spring and the clip in the door, the site said.

Thinking of getting a 2015 Subaru WRX? It received mixed reviews from auto writers, with some deriding its interior and bumpy ride, but for a car that starts at around $27,090 for the base trim, it holds its own performance-wise against other cars in its price range.