Victorian Premier Andrews Discharged to Start Home Rehab

March 14, 2021 Updated: March 14, 2021

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is out of hospital and starting a “significant” period of rehabilitation.

Andrews is recovering from a broken vertebrae and several cracked ribs after a fall a week ago.

The Alfred Hospital said in a statement that he is making good progress but again warns that he faces a lengthy time in rehabilitation.

James Merlino is acting premier in his absence.

“Mr Andrews has responded well without surgery so far, and the work to improve his strength and mobility must now begin,” the Alfred’s director of trauma services Professor Mark Fitzgerald said.

“As the rehabilitation journey gets underway, we will watch closely for any signs of worsening spinal stability or alignment, as well as the development of other complications.”

The Alfred said Andrews would do his rehabilitation through its Better@Home service.