Victoria Stage 4 Business Closures and Changes

August 3, 2020 Updated: August 3, 2020

Stage Four Business Closures and Changes for Melbourne

Open for on-site work with COVID-19 safe plan:

* Supermarkets and grocery stores including liquor shops

* Fuel retailers

* Pharmacies

* Post offices

* Hardware, building and garden supplies for trade

* Specialist stationery for business use

* Maternity supplies

* Motor vehicle parts for emergency repairs

* Locksmiths

* Laundry and dry cleaners

* Farms

* Commercial fishing

* Vet clinics, pounds and shelters

* Construction of critical infrastructure and services to support those projects

* Critical repairs to residential premises where required for emergency or safety

* Cafes and restaurants for takeaway

* Newspaper and magazine publishing, radio, television and online broadcast

* Bank branches

* Critical service call centres

* Medicare

* Justice – for urgent or priority court or tribunal matters including bail, family violence, remand, child protection, warrant, human rights, residential tenancy and other matters

* Law enforcement

* Prisons, facilities for parolees, Adult Parole Board, youth justice facilities

* Emergency services

* Schools for permitted workers and vulnerable children, specialists schools – remote learning for all other children

Closed For On-Site Workers:

* Furniture wholesalers

* Personal care including hairdressers

* Car washes

* Pubs, taverns and bars

* Clubs, nightclubs

* Food courts

* Legal and accounting services

* Architectural, engineering and technical services

* Travel and tour agencies

* Standard call centre operations

* Non-urgent elective surgery

* Museums, parks and gardens

* Gambling

* Alpine resorts

* Brothels and prostitution services

* Places of worship

Restricted Operations:

* Large scale construction (buildings more than three storeys) restricted to 25 percent normal employees with a High Risk COVID Safe Plan, workers at a single site only

* Small scale construction (three storeys or less) with a maximum of five workers including supervisors with a Universal COVID Safe Plan, workers at a single site only

* Meat processing with 33 percent reduction in production (state-wide), workers at a single site only

* Shopping centres for access to permitted retail only

* Public transport, rideshare and taxis only to support access to permitted services for permitted workers

* Thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing with minimum number of essential participants to operate safely

* Places of worship broadcasting religious ceremonies

* Places of worship and community facilities operating food banks and soup kitchens

(Source: Victorian Government)

By Karen Sweeney in Melbourne