Victoria Crime Statistics Show Lockdown Impacts

March 17, 2021 Updated: March 17, 2021

There were 37,505 breaches of coronavirus health orders in Victoria last year and a nine per cent increase in family violence incidents, new crime statistics show.

Overall, the number of recorded offences in the state increased by 2.3 per cent to almost 550,000 during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Most of the virus-related offences occurred between April and October during Melbourne’s two lockdowns to contain the spread of the deadly infection.

Property and deception offences fell 12.1 per cent but family violence incidents increased by 9.4 per cent, the Crime Statistics Agency said on Thursday.

Liberal Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien said the overall 2.3 per cent increase was “extraordinary.”

“You would have thought that in the year 2020, when Victorians were largely locked down, that crime would have fallen.

“It just shows you that the government doesn’t have a plan in place to try and keep Victorians safe,” he said in at attempt to lay blame at the feet of the government.

“We have sadly now seen a really significant increase in family violence. Where is the government’s support to try and reduce that going forward?”