Vhong Navarro Latest News: What Happened When ABS-CBN Host Returned to ‘It’s Showtime’

March 9, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Vhong Navarro returned to the ABS-CBN show “It’s Showtime,” but revealed that he was terrified of returning.

Navarro is one of 10 hosts on the hit show.

Navarro said that he’s not sure if he can ever regain the cheerful outlook on life that he had before the situation that erupted on January 22.

That was when model Deniece Cornejo claimed that Navarro raped her at her apartment.

Navarro, on the other hand, asserted that Cornejo and businessman Cedric Lee headed up a group to try to set him up and blackmail him.

He was beaten during the encounter, leaving him hospitalized for over a week.

Later, another woman accused Navarro of raping her back in 2010.

But evidence in both cases points to Navarro’s innocence. 

Navarro’s many fans have mostly stuck by him through the ordeal and #WelcomeBackVhong was among the trending terms on Twitter as the show unfolded. 

Anne Curtis, one of Navarro’s closest friends and one of his co-hosts, burst into tears while welcoming him back.

She and the other co-hosts sported t-shirts that said “Welcome Back Vhong!”

Navarro also cried while his fans cheered for him to speak.

Navarro told his fans that he doesn’t know how to feel in front of them and that he’s afraid with all the things that he’s going through right now. While he’s not sure if he can return to his cheerful self, he promised to try.

He specifically told his fans that he appreciates their prayers and well-wishes, crediting their support for returning to the noontime program. “I love you all,” he said. “I want to thank you personally because you continue to support me, defend me, and believe me.”

Navarro even joked while thanking his doctor, saying that the multiple facial surgeries that he underwent left him with “a sharp nose.”


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