Vhong Navarro Latest News: Vhong Meets with Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo in Resolution Attempt

Vhong Navarro met with Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo as part of an ongoing attempt to try to resolve the lawsuit filed by the actor against the pair in connection with the false rape claims made by Cornejo.

Zimmer Raz, another member of Cornejo’s group, was also present at Taguig City court.

The meeting was the first in a series of judicial dispute resolution sessions.

Cornejo, backed up by Lee and others such as Raz, claimed that Navarro raped her early this year. The group took Vhong to the police after beating him.

Evidence in the case ultimately backed Navarro’s story that he was subject to not only the beating but a blackmail attempt. Instead of charges pressed against Navarro, Cornejo and Lee and their group found themselves thrown into holding while a trial took place.

Navarro still doesn’t want the case settled although he appeared at the resolution session, his lawyer Alma Mallonga said, reported the Philippine Star.

“Vhong has been consistent from the very beginning. He is not open to settlement but he respects the process and he respects the law,” Mallonga said.

Lawyers weren’t allowed into the closed door session, which judges ordered Vhong to attend to signify his refusal to enter into a settlement with Cornejo, Lee, and Raz.

Judge Marilou Tamang presided over the session, which was ordered by Taguig MTV Branch 74 Judge Bernard Bernal.

The other sessions are set for August 28, September 4, and October 2.

Cornejo claims that she won’t settle even if Navarro wants to unless Vhong apologizes to her, reported ABS-CBN.

Salvador Panelo, Cornejo’s attorney, says that Cornjo wants an apology or she will not agree to a settlement.

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