Vhong Navarro Latest News: Deniece Cornejo’s Second Rape Complaint Dropped Against the ABS-CBN Host

The Vhong Navarro case is ongoing, but the part where he’s accused of rape is not.

Following the dismissal of the complaint from Deniece Cornejo regarding the infamous January 22 encounter, the second complaint that Cornejo filed has been dropped.

After her first complaint was dropped by the Department of Justice, Cornejo filed another one alleging that Navarro had raped her on January 17.

But the Taguig Prosecutor’s Office said in a resolution that Cornejos’s complaint was doubtful, wondering why she would have invited Navarro back to her apartment five days later if she had indeed been raped.

Navarro was accused by Cornejo and a group led by Cedric Lee of raping Cornejo on January 22 in her apartment at Forbeswood Heights in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. But the actor and ABS-CBN host said that he was actually the victim of a blackmail attempt, and that he was beaten. 

When the evidence started coming out, it increasingly backed up Navarro’s story.

Navarro’s lawyer Alma Mallonga said in a statement obtained by Pep that the fact the second complaint has now been dropped “vindicates Vhong.”

She also said that it “gives lie to the baseless charges against him, and brings him one step closer to reaching the end of his quest for full justice.”

Cornejo, Lee, and others involved in the attack on Navarro are still being held in custody as the trial proceeds.


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