Vhong Navarro Latest News: Deniece Cornejo Deletes Her Instagram Account

March 4, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Deniece Cornejo has deleted her Instagram account following an earlier deletion of her Facebook profile.

Cornejo nixed her official account after posting an alleged screengrab of a text message that she sent to Cedric Lee on January 17.

She claims that Vhong Navarro raped her on that night, a preclude to raping her on January 22.

The text message to Lee shows Cornejo saying “Help im being harrased.”

Cornejo posted the screengrab with the hashtags “#telecomcantlie #Godistrue and #stopmakingstories.”

Cornejo at first said that nothing happened on January 17 but later changed her story to say that Navarro raped her.

Navarro said the entire time that the two engaged in sexual activities, but willingly.

He says that he went to have dinner with Cornejo on January 22 after having a good first date.

Cornejo hasn’t said why Navarro was back at her apartment on January 22.

Lee and other restrained Navarro on that night after he purportedly raped Cornejo. They beat him up and allegedly tried to blackmail him. The group has been leveled with a string of criminal charges.

It’s not clear why Cornejo deleted her Instagram account.

She previously deleted her Facebook profile soon after the January 22 incident came to light.

She later made a new account.


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