Vhong Navarro: Instagram Post From Richard Gomez About Case Draws Mixed Reactions

January 28, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

An Instagram post from Filipino actor, model, and director Richard Gomez regarding the ongoing Vhong Navarro case has drawn mixed reactions from his followers and others.

In his post, he said: “Ang gawin nilang 3 ay mag file ng kaso sa korte. Kung sino ang mahusgahan na may sala yung ang bugbugin nating sabay sabay. Game kayo!?” A translation of the post outlines that Gomez is making a joke about the case.

Users reacted quickly to the comment.

“Not funny …. Bad taste,” said one user.

Another also disagreed, saying: Mr. Gomez, this issue is not a laughing matter! Please be sensitive and educated enough in your post!”

Most of the users, in fact, seemed against the post. “How insensitive,” another said. 

The Navarro case has blown up over the past week. The actor was accused of attempting to rape a student and model, Deniece Cornejo–but he said that he was set up, before being blackmailed and beaten.

The Department of Justice filed charges against eight people in the attack on Navarro, including Cornejo, after CCTV footage and statements from witnesses backed up his account.

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