Vhong Navarro Instagram: ABS-CBN Host Posting Lots of Photos to Instagram After Long Break

Vhong Navarro, the popular “It’s Showtime” host and actor, has been posting lots of photos to Instagram after taking a long break from the social media service following the situation with Deniece Cornejo and Cedric Lee.

That situation on January 22 ended with Navarro being accused of raping Cornejo, with Lee alleging that he and others broke up the abuse.

However, the situation later evolved with the rape complaint being dropped by the Department of Justice over lack of evidence, and Cornejo and Lee and their group being leveled with a number of charges, including illegal detention and attempted extortion. Many of the group are now being held in custody while the series of hearings takes place.

Navarro has more and more seemed to put the situation behind him, first returning to “It’s Showtime” then appearing in promotions for his new projects, and now posting lots of his activities and outfits on Instagram.

He even re-started his well-liked photos were he poses with outfits from retailers, complete with shoes and eyeglasses or sunglasses.

Other photos show him with friends.

Still others, in a big change from his previous Instagram activity, appear to show him with his girlfriend Tanya Winon. 

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