Vhong Navarro Admits He Wronged His Girlfriend Tanya Bautista

February 10, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Vhong Navarro recently admitted that he wronged his girlfriend Tanya Bautista during the Deniece Cornejo incident.

Navarro said that Cornejo and businessman Cedric Lee tied him up and tried to blackmail him after leaving him beaten. CCTV footage appears to back up his version. Cornejo and Lee claim that Navarro was trying to rape Cornejo at her apartment when Lee and others happened to arrive and rescue her.

Navarro addressed the situation in a recent interview with ABS-CBN.

“I have done nothing wrong to Deniece, only to my girlfriend,” he said.

In a police affadavit, Navarro said that he and Cornejo on their first date engaged in sexual relations, a claim that Cornejo later vehemently denied.

Navarro and Bautista have reportedly been dating for five years, following his break-up with his former wife, actress Bianca Lapus. 

Navarro said in the interview that Cornejo told him that she didn’t have a boyfriend.

He elaborated, saying that he has no clue whether Cornejo and Lee have any kind of romantic relationship. 

He concluded by saying: “Don’t trust anyone easily. Know your real friends).”


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