Veteran Policeman Discusses Why He Quit the CCP

June 27, 2008 Updated: June 27, 2008

I am a policeman at the Yichun City branch of Public Security Bureau in Heilongjiang Province. Having been a party member and a policeman for the nearly 30 years, why did I want to withdraw from the Communist Party and its organizations? I have endured a long and painful process of realizing the truth about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from implicit trust to doubt, disappointment, and finally, despair.

Since childhood, I had slavishly accepted the CCP's sermons: “The Communist Party belongs to the people”, “The CCP is a savior” and “The Communist Party loves the people.” As the party cadres became more and more corrupt after the reforms and openness policies, I felt doubtful in my heart, but still cherished illusions about the CCP.

When the Tiananmen Square Massacre happened, I was excited and hoped the CCP would purge its corrupt members. In contrary, the CCP did not examine itself and massacred the patriotic students at Tiananmen Square. In addition, the party cadres became fearless in harming the country and citizens. A hundred percent of the party cadres are corrupt, and they vary only in degree.

Take Yichun City as an example: the policemen's vital interests are not guaranteed, even less are the common people's interests. When state-owned enterprise wages were raised in the 1970s, the local government did not raise our salaries with the excuse that policemen were not enterprise employees. In the 1980s, when public servants had their salaries increased, the local government refused again to give us a pay rise on the pretext that we were enterprise employees. It is ridiculous for us for be pushed back and forth. Actually as formal policemen, we are a part of the state apparatus.

We [Yichun policemen] might be the worst-treated policemen nationwide. Prior to 2007, our average monthly salary, including subsidies, was only 300 to 500 yuan. In 2007, working policemen only received about a 200 yuan pay increase for their monthly salary.

The retired policemen had it even worse: those who retired after 2004 only received 400 to 500 yuan per month, as stipulated by a policy introduced by the local government in 2004. They are treated like donkeys who are driven to work hard and are then disposed after they've finished their work. Nearly 4,000 policemen in the city have been unfairly treated like this.

In spite of such bad treatment, we are forced to suppress the common people. We have to intercept petitioners appealing for their embezzled pension, light industry enterprise workers appealing for payment and arrest innocent Falun Gong practitioners. We have done those assignments without conscience.

This year the Party and government leaders of Yichun forcibly pulled down people's houses in collusion with money-hungry developers in name of “government development projects.” The compensation for demolition is about 300 yuan per square meter. The district government used illegal means to intimidate people to move out. You would be laid off from your work if you refused to relocate, and arrested if you appealed to higher authorities.

The regulations regarding house demolition have been annulled. The constitution stipulates the protection of private property, but it only applies to the illegal property of corrupt officers. All laws and regulations in China only fool the common people except an illegal regulation of “Reeducation through Labor,” which is enforced to the extreme by the CCP. Any person who disagrees with the crimes the party officials commit could be published at will in the name of “destroying the harmony of society.” In actuality, the unharmonious factors are the Party officials at various levels.

When Hu Jintao assumed power, many people still cherished illusions about the CCP. The fact is that party officials are still corrupt like before except they propagandize more appealing political slogans. The number and universality of the corrupt CCP officials has attained a level never known before in history.

Many members of the Party at the lowest level don't dare to admit they are members because the term “CCP member” is a pronoun for “corruption” among the public. Some people publicly told Party members, “All the bad things [that happened in China] were done by CCP members.” I think that it is very shameful to become a member. When the party claims that the people love the CCP, it is only falsely boasting.

Rulers throughout the ages have tried to keep their power forever, but none could do that. In the end, they were thrown out by the people due to their corruption. The CCP has been corrupt since it seized power 60 years ago that it can't be compared with democratic countries. Although it has special police, armed police and riot police, and even police helicopters that can fly anywhere and armed police vehicles that can travel to the streets where people protest, the CCP still can't block the hearts of the people.

The Chinese people surely will discard it because the CCP has made itself an enemy of the people and has hindered the development of society. Its martial suppression can only allow itself to hold on for a few more days before its demise. The CCP have no means of justifying three main issues to the people: corruption, the suppression and killing of students, and the persecution and killing of Falun Gong practitioners.

Because I have lost hope with everything the CCP has done and have been an accessory to its crimes for the past 30 years, my conscience can no longer take the huge pressure. With the help of Falun Gong practitioners, I am publishing my withdrawal from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Here, I really thank Falun Gong practitioners, who never abandoned us.

A policeman from Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province May 20, 2008