Veteran Confesses Involvement in Communist Regime's Genocidal Operation against Muslims

January 17, 2008 12:00 am Last Updated: January 17, 2008 12:00 am

I actually quit the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) years ago. That being the case, I still wanted to solemnly declare my complete withdrawal from this evil Party and its affiliated organizations once again. My grandfather and wife also wanted to follow suit.

All the party documents we once signed and filled out plus the allegiances we pledged and what we spoke for while in CCP organizations are invalid. We hereby swear that we will never coexist with this inhumane and relentlessly evil Party.

The reason for my quitting the CCP again was that I wanted to reveal a secret that has been hidden in the bottom of my heart for so many years. It had resulted in persistent nightmares and severe torture by my conscience, but I had never divulged to anyone that during my service in the military in Xingjian many years ago, I was once forced to participate in a genocidal operation against a Muslim village (Hui village).

At the first sight of those innocent elderly and children as well as babies being nursed by their mothers, I absolutely couldn't open fire on them. As soldiers of the field army, we were in the inner circle that besieged the village, whereas the soldiers in the outer circle behind us were a more heavily armed force with more advanced weapons.

Had we not opened fire, the troops behind us would have opened fire at us right away, and we would also have been killed. Confronted with that situation, not only did we not save our fellow countrymen in this Muslim village, but I had no choice but to open fire, with tears running down all over my face.

I can never forget the extremely ruthless scene that was so horrible it could never be described by any language. After returning to my hometown, I have never had the heart to set foot in any Muslim areas. Once I bumped into some Muslim people, I dared not even to raise my head, and the pain deep in my heart was beyond words. I was a righteous and kindhearted person who was supposed to lead a peaceful and normal life, but this evil CCP had made me lose all the happiness I was supposed to have in my life.

I would like here to urge all those who are still deceived by the evil CCP, and the people who have any prejudice against Falun Gong, to awaken and quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations right away, so as to be saved as soon as possible. Otherwise, they will fall victim to their misconceptions one day.

The CCP's intrinsic evil nature is to do harm to all the people. It has taken the initiative to instigate a group of people to kill another group of people, and those who have helped it heedless of their own lives could be killed tomorrow. It will not stop killing people until the day it collapses. Even when it meets its doom, it will try to get more people to be its scapegoats through every possible means. Think about it, everyone, this is the CCP.

After I have divulged the reason for my persistent nightmares, I hope that gods can hear my confession. I sincerely pray to the gods capable of saving sentient beings to help me get rid of the nightmares so that I may have a peaceful mind.

Chen Xiaoye, Chen Yucheng and Xiao Yeqi
Shaanxi Province
January 14, 2008