Vet Arrested After Fatally Shooting Neighbor’s Dog

December 21, 2017 Updated: December 21, 2017

A woman has been arrested for fatally shooting her neighbor’s dog.

Investigators believe that Kelly Folse, 35, from Jefferson Parish, Louisiana made several threats towards the dog because she thought it barked too much and that it was aggressive.

Yet after conducting several interviews in the neighborhood, detectives said they found no evidence to suggest the dog was being aggressive, according to a Dec. 19 statement from Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Folse worked as a veterinary physician at Abadie Veterinary Hospital.

Sheriff Joe Lopinto told reporters at a news conference that the 15-month old American bulldog, called Bruzier, was owned by a resident who lived next door to Folse in the 8900 block of Camille Court in River Ridge.

According to Fox News, Folse had complained with heated text messages to the owner—identified by the news outlet as Stacey Fitzner—about Bruzier’s barking.

“We got him right after my son was born. He was such a loving dog,” Fitzner told Fox8. “He was a great, wonderful American bulldog.”

Fitzner said she put Bruizer in the backyard as she left for work on Dec. 13. But when her mother came back to pick up her niece and nephew she noticed Bruzier.

“Her and my nephew found the dog with blood surrounding him. Someone had to come up behind him and put the gun to him and shoot him,” Fitzner told the news outlet.

They took him straight to the vet, which was closed, so they rushed to find a second vet. Veterinarians told them the dog had to be put to sleep after being there all night. The dog died on Dec. 14.

That veterinary clinic happened to be Abadie Veterinary Hospital, where Folse worked.

The hospital’s owner, Dr. Scott Abadie, confirmed to Fox8 that Folse has been fired, saying he was “shocked” and “disgusted” to hear about Folse’s actions.

“It’s just not something you expect of anybody, especially a vet,” he said.

He said she had worked at Abadie since she was 15 and had never received any complaints about her.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office said that detectives also found narcotics in Folse’s home.

She was arrested on Tuesday, Dec. 19, for aggravated cruelty to animals, illegal discharge of a firearm, and drug-related charges.

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