Vampire Diaries Spoilers: What Happens in Season 4 Episode 16? (+Sneak Peek)

March 20, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Vampire Diaries airs on Thursday night on The CW, with an episode titled “While You Were Sleeping.”

According to an official description of the episode, “While on spring break, Elena runs into Luke (Chris Brochu, CSI: NY), a student who seems to know her — but whom Elena doesn’t remember.”

Several sneak peek videos give more insight into what happens.

Bonnie’s interacting with newbie witch Liv in one of the videos. 

“I mean, you got to admit. It was pretty rad,” Liv brags to Bonnie while working at the campus cafe. “I locked a vampire in her dorm with an invisible seal. I mean, how many newbie witches have that on their resume.”

Bonnie responds: “If they do they don’t brag about it as loudly.”

“Come on,” Liv says. “This place is dead. It’s like serious spring break-itus. Besides, you’re not even a little proud of me?”

“Okay, hotshot,” Bonnie says with a smile. Spilling out some salt on the bar, Bonnie asks Liv to perform a simple fire spell. And just as Bonnie suspected, Liv can’t perform easy beginner spells.

“That’s weird,” she counters when Liv fails. “Guess your resume still needs some padding.”

The first clip is set at Whitmore College; another  is of a scene in Mystic Falls. It shows Damon getting angry at Jeremy.

“Hey, you’re lucky I’m even helping you,” Jeremy yells at Damon after the irritated vampire throws an empty cup at him. “Considering the last thing you did for me was to tell Enzo to strangle me to death.”

“Quit crying,” Damon says, rolling his eyes. “You’re still around.”

“More than we can say for Aaron Whitmore,” Matt chimes in. “Weren’t he and Elena tight? Does she know Damon killed him?”

“I don’t know,” Jeremy challenges Damon. “Does she?”

“No, she doesn’t because I’m going to be the one to tell her” Damon says threateningly. “And if either one of you clowns beats me to it, I’ll rip your tongue out.”

Episode 16 will feature Stefan updating Elena on what happened during the time that Katherine controlled her body, while Caroline will be trying to find a solution to the problems fueld by Dr. Wes.

Directors on the show also tweeted out a few photos from upcoming episode 20.

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