Utility Workers Go Out of Their Way to Rescue Pregnant Woman’s Wedding Ring

August 1, 2017 Updated: August 1, 2017

Two utility workers helped a pregnant woman recover a wedding ring that she dropped into a subway grating in New York City. The woman was frustrated and felt helpless after calling emergency services didn’t prove fruitful. She called 911 and 311, but no one helped, according to CBS News.

“I thought, ‘I’m going to wake up—this is a nightmare. This doesn’t happen in real life. I can’t believe I lost my wedding ring,” said Sarah Sommer. She dropped the ring after stepping out of Grand Central Terminal.

She flagged down two electric utility workers in a Con Edison truck. They then took time out of their day to drain water from the area. One of the workers lowered himself down the open grate and picked up the ring.

“They don’t know me from anybody else on this Earth, and they took time out on their Monday morning, are going to finish late, go home to their families late just so they can get me my ring back. It’s just amazing,” said Sommer, in praise of the utility workers.

Jason Wertheimer and Kenyatta Charles refused to take any reward for the deed. “It’s a good deed for the day. That’s how we look at it,” said the Con Edison crew.

From NTD.tv