Trailer Has Awesome Shrinking Super Powers!

April 18, 2019 Updated: April 18, 2019

Ever wanted a foldable trailer or just needed something smaller for storage?

Ever wanted a German-engineered and patented foldable trailer? Wenner Technologies invented just that!

Germany-based company Wenner Technologies created the foldable trailer, the Tante Berte. The trailer, when taken apart, can be collapsed in 30 seconds or less — depending on the user. The design and invention depended solely on the foldable mechanism built into the trailer, according to Wenner Technologies. The team at Wenner Technologies designed a trailer that needs only 20 cm — or about 7.87 inches — of storage depth for the trailer.

The company designed the trailer so that a customer would not need any tools to fold it and store the device. When the device is folded, the trailer bed moves forward, and the wheels move to the end of the trailer. The company patented the folding mechanism design, making it a unique towing device. The uses for the trailer are endless — storing, towing, motorcycle hauling or for moving boxes.

The trailer can haul a capacity of up to 750 kilograms or 1,653 pounds — nearly a ton!

For even easier storage, the trailer can be mounted to a wall with a winch and stored vertically to take up even less space.

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Credit: Wenner Technologies | YouTube