We’re Going to Protect the Integrity of the Vote: Pence

We’re Going to Protect the Integrity of the Vote: Pence
Vice President Mike Pence speaks as President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump watch on election night in the East Room of the White House shortly after 2 am in Washington, DC. on Nov. 4, 2020. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
Harry Lee

“The right to vote has been at the center of our Democracy since the founding of this nation. We’re going to protect the integrity of the vote.” Vice President Mike Pence said after President Donald Trump made his speech early Wednesday morning at the White House.

“But I really believe with all my heart, with the extraordinary margins, Mr. President, that you’ve inspired in the states you just described, and the way you launched this movement across the country to make America great again, I truly do believe, as you do, that we are on the road to victory and we will make America great again, again.” Pence concluded.

The election winner still hadn’t be declared at the time of this publication. The close race has focused the nation on the counting of the ballots in some key states such as Wisconsin, Michigan, and Nevada.

Trump held his first news conference after election day around 2:30 a.m. early Wednesday morning.

Trump said during the conference that he would take the fight for the election fight to the Supreme Court if need be.
“What is this all about?”Trump wrote on Twitter Wednesday morning, linking to two screenshots that showed over 128,000 newly added ballots in Michigan all going to Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee. The post was later removed by Twitter.
President Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Bill Stepien, said Wisconsin—which could be decided by mere thousands of votes—could be headed to a recount.
Jack Phillips and Zachary Stieber contributed to this report.