Video: Officials Rescue Man Who Impaled Leg on Fence

Jack Phillips

Officials were forced to rescue a man in Dania Beach, Florida, after he impaled his leg on a spiked fence.

Authorities said the incident occurred when the man tried to jump over the fence, Local10 reported.

Video footage of the incident was released, showing fire officials rescuing the man, identified as 47-year-old Justin Doidge. The fence is near where Doidge lives.

Doidge jumped the fence to cross over into his apartment complex area while he was walking home, reported Local10.

A passerby called paramedics, who came and cut the fence.

Doidge was taken to Broward Health Medical Center with a serious injury to his right knee.

“The goal is to, within the hour of that incident happening, is to have them in the trauma center being seen by the trauma surgeons, so obviously the quicker the better,” Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue Lt. Chris Boyer said.

“You don’t want to cause vibration; it’s gonna cause more damage,” Boyer added, WSVN reported. “You don’t wanna use something that’s gonna cut down on it and twist that material and cause more damage. The goal is to quickly and efficiently cut the material. Leave it where it is. That way we don’t cause more damage removing it.”

The officials said that it took about 30 minutes to cut him down from the fence.

“Safety is number one, not only for the patient but also for the crew,” Boyer said. “We don’t wanna do anything that’s gonna hurt our own people. We want to try and keep them pain-free, try to keep them on a comfortable level, so we have medication that we could give to relieve pain.”

The Sun Sentinel paper reported that he was stuck on the fence for about an hour.
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