Video: FedEx Driver Discovers Baby Crawling Under His Truck

Jack Phillips

A FedEx delivery driver recently discovered an unsupervised baby that had crawled under his truck.

The footage, captured in Lake Charles, Louisiana, shows Byron Nash delivering a package to a property when he saw the baby near the wheel of his vehicle.

“This baby was crawling outside under my truck after my truck was parked to make a delivery, luckily I seen her before I backed out. No supervision in sight,” he wrote on Facebook last week.

He added: “This baby is right under my truck and her parents aren’t nowhere to be found! Look at this, this baby is outside by herself.”

The driver then picked up the child and walked up to the house. He first walked through the open garage and then yelled into a wide open door until a woman appeared.

“Hello! Hey! This baby was under my truck!” he says in the clip before the woman responds with: “I thought I had her trapped.”

Nash said the incident would have “scared him at first” and the woman tells him: “It would have scared the [expletive] out of me too. I would have been tripping.”

“Thank God I was paying attention because if I had backed up she would have been out of here,” Nash said.

She then told him that the house belongs to her mother, who has “everything open, all the doors, all the windows.”

Nash then advises the woman to use a playpen and also tells her to keep the doors closed in the future so as to prevent future mishaps.

Nash told the Daily Mail in a later interview: “I thought: ‘How could somebody leave their child unattended like this?’”

A woman named Ann Bartman commented on Nash’s Facebook video with a screenshot indicating that she had sent the video to the Lake Charles Police Department.

“We’ve received it numerous times and have forwarded it to the detective division,” replied the police department in the photo.

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