Santa Ana Awards Contracts for South Main Street Corridor Project

Santa Ana Awards Contracts for South Main Street Corridor Project
Santa Ana's Main Street is pictured in this file photo. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)
Jack Bradley

Santa Ana’s vision of a safer and more dynamic South Main Street moved forward Jan. 19 as council unanimously approved $13 million worth of infrastructure improvements for the thoroughfare.

The investment is part of the city’s South Main Street Corridor project, which encompasses about four blocks of South Main Street between Stanford Street and St. Andrew Place. As part of the initiative, the city is planning to make streetscape and transit improvements, increase walkability, and more.

Construction is set to begin in February.

During city council’s Jan. 19 meeting, council awarded two contracts to construction companies for work on a two-and-a-half mile stretch of Main Street from First Street to Dyer Road.

Improvements will upgrade the community’s infrastructure; construction work includes replacing and remodeling equipment, such as lighting, and landscaping.

One proposed $12,759,695 contract would be awarded to C.S. Legacy Construction Inc. for the South Main Street improvements. But with the contract administration, inspection and testing, and contingencies accounted for, the total estimated construction costs would be $18,310,195, the city said.

The city will also vote to award $936,924 to Butier Engineering to provide construction engineering services for the street.