Race Politics Divide Society and May Lead to Oppressive China Model: ‘Black and White’ Authors

Race Politics Divide Society and May Lead to Oppressive China Model: ‘Black and White’ Authors
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Race relations in America started deteriorating in recent years, reversing the legacy of the civil rights movement of Martin Luther King Jr., said Pat Brown and Dave Brown, authors of the book “Black and White: How the Left is Destroying the Dream of Martin Luther King Jr and Our Founding Fathers.”

Pat Brown, a white woman who married a black man, and her son Dave Brown, said in a recent interview on The Epoch Times’ “Crossroads” program that they are deeply concerned about the current cultural trends of people being told that their race should determine their behaviors and viewpoints and that minoritites should feel oppressed.

During 1980s and 90s, when Pat Brown raised her non-white children, race relations were getting better, especially between blacks and whites who were getting along, mixing, and enjoying each other’s subcultures, she said.

Pat Brown used to work as a medical sign language interpreter in predominantly black hospitals and said people who she worked with expressed admiration because she knew black American sign language. However, nowaways she is regarded as a white person if she walks into the same hospital she used to work at before, Pat Brown explained.

There is a new concept now “that only a black person can understand a black person so you should, if you’re a black person, you should have a black doctor because white doctors will not do a good job with you,” Pat Brown said.

According to this view, a black patient deserves “a black sign language interpreter who understands them culturally and understands black American sign language” but the problem is that a lot of black interpreters did not learn black American sign language, Pat Brown continued.

As a result, the hospital will hire a black person who doesn’t know it instead of the white person that knows it, Par Brown said adding that “it’s all based on the color of your skin as opposed to [whether] you can do the job and [whether] you are doing the job well, and that’s a very sad thing.”

Race Politics Induce Black People to Behave and Dress Differently

“No black person should be told that their skin color determines how they talk or dress,” said Dave Brown. If a black person is told to talk in a certain way or appear with abnormal fashion, it will affect their prospects in finding a career and moving through a corporate America, Dave Brown continued, so telling black people that they should follow certain black stereotypes in their behavior harms them.

Certain politicians try to prove their blackness in some interviews, Dave Brown said. “It’s really sad because you are who you are. If you’re black, it’s not a choice, it’s your skin color.”

Dave Brown gave the example of him liking country music but that not changing his race.

 Some of the liberals think that “all black people think alike, are Black Lives Matter (BLM) supporters,” and support the democrat policies, Dave Brown said. “We want to change that sort of attitude,” he added.
Pat Brown said that they were more liberal in their views in the past, but at a certain point they moved toward the political center and later they moved a little bit toward conservatism. “We saw what the liberal thinking and the policies were doing to the country. ... We want good policies that make our country move forward and that don’t cause a divide,” Pat Brown explained.

Marxist Influence

A man holds a Black Lives Matter sign as a police car burns during a protest in Atlanta, Ga., on May 29, 2020. (Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images)
A man holds a Black Lives Matter sign as a police car burns during a protest in Atlanta, Ga., on May 29, 2020. (Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images)

Both authors criticized the “defund the police” movement spurred by the Black Lives Matter organization. The result of the movement is that police have trouble recruiting people, Pat Brown said, especially blacks who are reluctant to join. The understaffed police are unable to serve the community properly and opportunities are destroyed for black people to get jobs as police officers, she added.

The interactions between black communities with law enforcement are getting worse because BLM tries to convince people that they are oppressed by the police, Dave Brown continued.

BLM is “not a pro-black organization, [they are] a Marxist organization using black people as tools, as their foot soldiers in this revolutionary call to want to destroy our foundation,” said Dave Brown.

Black Lives Matter, a Marxist organization, intends to make race relations worse and create more frictions and conflicts, contrary to popular belief, Dave Brown said.
Patrisse Cullors, a BLM co-founder said in an interview with Real News Network in 2015, “We actually do have an ideological frame. Myself and Alicia [Garza] in particular are trained organizers. We are trained Marxists.” Alicia Garza is also a BLM co-founder.
According to Marxist philosophy, a new society cannot be built on an old foundation, Dave Brown said. Therefore modern-day Marxists try to erase the foundation that defines America by using the 1619 project, tearing down statues, and convincing people that “it’s racist to appreciate George Washington or Thomas Jefferson who were slave owners“ and convincing ”white people that they should abandon all of their history.”

The Marxist attempt to change the country and society departs from Martin Luther King’s civil rights movement that effected gradual changes benefitting black people, such as more rights and opportunities to enter politics, businesses, and medicine, Pat Brown said.

If this tendency had continued, American society would have become “more colorblind,” Pat Brown said. As the social demographics change due to more black and brown people coming in from other countries, the society would have slowly changed for the better.

But America is “heading toward the Chinese model” where a totalitarian government fused with the private sector works together to oppress people, Dave Brown said.

“We see that here now” with the Democrat party coordinating with social media giants to suppress free speech and punish people for having different political opinions, as well as military members facing ideological tests to check for their support for former President Donald Trump, said Dave Brown.

To stop this trend, Dave Brown advises communities to begin organizing to create structures to fight back.

He encourages people talk to each other so they stop seeing race “by dialogue, by having conversation, by interacting with one another in a positive way.”

“We can’t win just by having one guy like Donald Trump have power. We need the organization behind them and that happens at the micro-level so that’s what we need to start at,” said Dave Brown.