Professor Suspended After Saying She Hopes Trump Supporters 'Die Before Election'

Professor Suspended After Saying She Hopes Trump Supporters 'Die Before Election'
Supporters hold up signs during a campaign event for U.S. President Donald Trump at Xtreme Manufacturing in Henderson, Nev., on Sept. 13, 2020. (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Bill Pan

A professor at Marshall University, West Virginia, has been placed on leave pending an investigation after saying in class that she hopes Trump supporters "die before the election."

In a short video clip reportedly recorded during an online lecture, Marshall's biology professor Jennifer Mosher can be heard saying she hopes those who don't wear masks die before the election. While she didn't specifically reference supporters of President Donald Trump, she did talk about an indoor event where attendees did not wear masks.
"Yesterday he held one inside. Nobody wore a mask," she said, seemingly to be referring to Trump's indoor campaign rally in Nevada earlier this week. "And I've become the type of person where I hope they all get it and die."

"I am so frustrated ... I don't know what else to do. You can't argue with them, you can't talk sense into them," she continued. "I said to somebody yesterday I hope they all die before the election. That's the only saving hope I have right now."

Mosher then said she would "stop talking about politics," adding, "I really should not be talking politics."

The video was widely circulated on social media, attracting critical comments that said it is inappropriate for a professor to make such remarks in class. "Everyone is entitled to opinions, but wishing death on people who disagree with your opinion is evil and we expect better," one comment on Twitter reads.

"Under no circumstances should EITHER side share views like this in her position at a public institution," commented another Twitter user who identified as a former Marshall student.

In response, Marshall University administrators said in a statement that they are aware of the video in which a faculty member made an "overtly political statement," and that they don't encourage such behavior.

"The University does not support or condone the use of any of its educational platforms to belittle people or wish harm on those who hold differing political views," the statement reads. "The professor was removed from the classroom yesterday and is on administrative leave, pending an investigation. there will be no further comment on this personnel matter at this time."

Recently, a professor at Suffolk County Community College, New York, was reassigned pending an investigation after a video of her urging students not to vote for Trump during an online class was posted on social media.