NYPD Releases New Video of Fight Between Antifa and Proud Boys

Zachary Stieber

Newly released video footage shows a New York City brawl between members of the far-left Antifa group and the Proud Boys, a group established by libertarian Gavin McInnes.

The footage was made public by the NYPD, which asked members of the public to help identify people seen in the footage fighting.

“We need your help identifying these individuals,” the NYPD said, noting people could send a message on Twitter to the NYPD Tips account or call 800-577-TIPS.

The fight took place at approximately 8:23 p.m. on 82nd Street between Lexington and Park, outside the Republican Club, which was recently defaced by anarchist symbols. “Our attack is merely a beginning. We are not passive, we are not civil, and we will not apologize,” a message left at the club read.

In the footage, four Antifa members are seen facing an unseen group before one of them hurls an object believed to be a bottle at the opposing group. That’s when the Proud Boys appear and start punching Antifa.

Antifa Arrested

Three members of Antifa were located and arrested after the fight broke up and everyone involved fled. They were identified as Finbarr Slonim, Kai Russo, and Caleb Perkins, reported CBS.

Top NYPD officials said during a Monday afternoon press conference that the fight started outside the club after McInnes spoke inside. A few dozen Antifa members were outside the club protesting.

Officials said they’re seeking 12 additional people, nine of whom are believed to be Proud Boys members, reported ABC. The other three are Antifa members.

They’re wanted for riot and attempted assault.

Police successfully disrupted the fight but a second altercation broke out when members of Antifa attacked members of the Proud Boys that were being escorted by officers soon after the first fight. That second altercation was captured on the footage shared by the NYPD.

Proud Boys and Antifa

The Proud Boys are often described as part of the far right or so-called alt-right by detractors, but others note their core tenents are a mix of libertarian and conservative principles and their founder has urged members to be careful not to let people in who are suspected of being part of the alt-right.
The Proud Boys have attracted media attention for vowing to fight back against Antifa, the pro-communist group that often appears at free speech and pro-President Donald Trump rallies to shut them down and attack people. Antifa members also regularly assault journalists and police officers.
Antifa has become increasingly visible in national news coverage and has earned endorsements from politicians and media outlets which have defended their tactics.

New York State GOP Chairman Ed Cox refused to cancel McInnes’s scheduled talk after the club, which serves as headquarters for both the statewide New York Republican Party and the Manhattan Republican Party, noting that the organizations believe in free speech and don’t necessarily agree with the views of everyone who speaks there.

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