New York Times Contributor Loses Think Tank Job After Suggesting Biden Should ‘Lynch Mike Pence’

New York Times Contributor Loses Think Tank Job After Suggesting Biden Should ‘Lynch Mike Pence’
The New York Times building in New York City, N.Y., on Feb. 7, 2013. (Carlo Allegri/Reuters)
Zachary Stieber

A New York Times contributor was let go from another job after he suggested President Joe Biden lynch former Vice President Mike Pence.

Will Wilkinson wrote on Jan. 20 on Twitter, “If Biden really wanted unity, he'd lynch Mike Pence.”

One of Wilkinson’s employers, the Niskanen Center, a think tank, announced that they were firing Wilkinson.

“As an organization, the Niskanen Center appreciates and encourages interesting and provocative online discourse,” Jerry Taylor, president of the center, said in a tweet.

“However, we draw the line at statements that are, or can in any way be interpreted as condoning or promoting violence. As such, the Niskanen Center has, with a heavy heart, parted ways with Will Wilkinson. We thank him for his valuable contributions to the organization and wish him success in his future endeavors,” he added.

The New York Times didn’t return an inquiry. A spokesperson told Fox News: “Advocating violence of any form, even in jest, is unacceptable and against the standards of The New York Times. We’re reassessing our relationship with Will Wilkinson.”

Wilkinson removed the reference to the New York Times from his Twitter bio.

In a post on Twitter, Wilkinson positioned the apparent call for violence “an error of judgement.”

“It was sharp sarcasm, but looked like a call for violence. That’s always wrong, even as a joke. It was especially wrong at a moment when unity and peace are so critical. I’m deeply sorry and vow not to repeat the mistake,” he added.

Zachary Stieber is a senior reporter for The Epoch Times based in Maryland. He covers U.S. and world news. Contact Zachary at [email protected]
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