Missing 2-Year-Old Philadelphia Boy King Hill Killed, Family Says

Missing 2-Year-Old Philadelphia Boy King Hill Killed, Family Says
King Hill in a file photo (Philadelphia Police)
Jack Phillips

Officials said a 2-year-old boy, King Hill, is presumed dead after Philadelphia detectives told his family that he was killed. The child was reported missing about two weeks ago in Philadelphia.

King's mother, Amber, confirmed Sunday that detectives told her the boy was slain, CBS Philadelphia reported. She added that authorities believe they know who may be responsible.

“We don’t even know where his body is, he’s just out there laying somewhere. We don’t know, and they said that we might never recover his body. Whatever they told her, my daughter did not want to hear no more,” said King’s grandmother, Kimberly Hill, to the news outlet.

His mother told officials that her son was supposed to be in the care of his stepfather. The stepfather reported the child missing on July 7 after he realized that a babysitter who was supposed to look after the child didn't have him.

The babysitter, according to the report, handed the child to King's mother. But the mother said it never occurred.

“I blame myself for even trusting my baby’s father with my son. I thought he was in good hands and he gave him to this woman, this woman I don’t know, that he knows. And now my son is deceased,” Amber Hill remarked.

The mother added in a Fox6 report that she has not seen the babysitter, who was not identified, in "several weeks."
Officials told 6ABC that they have not been able to locate King's body.

The Hill family told CBS Philadelphia that there are many unconfirmed details, and police are not willing to identify the babysitter due to an investigation. The family said they're alarmed that no AMBER Alert was issued in the boy's disappearance.

“I’ll just pray for her. I don’t wish nothing bad on her, I don’t wish nothing bad on nobody because that’s not going to bring my grandson back. But I don’t want nothing to happen to her. I leave it to God. God will handle her,” Kimberly Hill said.

“I can’t even get his body. Whatever she was doing to him, I can’t even get his body. It’s messing my whole family up. I just feel like this whole investigation was too long. I think they should have been incarcerated her,” Amber Hill also said.

The disappearance comes in the midst of a crime wave across the city. Police on July 17 wrote that they are stepping up their crime prevention efforts.

“We are committed to working in collaboration with our communities in preventing and disrupting violent crime,” Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said in a statement. “We will be operating in a strategic manner, with deliberate focus on those individuals and groups responsible for the violence in our communities, while safeguarding the liberties of or our valued community partners.”
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