Living in a Storybook: Disney’s Residential Communities Coming Soon

Living in a Storybook: Disney’s Residential Communities Coming Soon
A statue of Walt Disney in Anaheim, Calif., on Feb. 21, 2021. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)
Vanessa Serna

The Walt Disney Company is making dreams come true for Disney fanatics who have wished upon a star to live in their own fantasy storybook—with themed residential communities coming to Coachella Valley, company officials announced on Feb. 16.

“As we prepare to enter our second century, we are developing new and exciting ways to bring the magic of Disney to people wherever they are,” Chairman of Disney Parks Josh D’Amaro said in a statement.

The new “Storyliving” neighborhoods will immerse future residents in “vibrant” communities that will expand “storytelling“ into ”storyliving.”

The first community “Cotino” in Rancho Mirage, where Walt Disney had a vacation home, will offer homes to all age groups, including a community for senior residents 55 and older.

“Where better to plant the first stake in the ground for a Storyliving by Disney community than an area that once felt the footsteps of Walt himself,” The Walt Disney Company said in a statement.

The development includes a 24-acre “oasis” covered by lagoons and a beach area, according to the company. Residents will also have access to a shopping and entertainment area to wander about at their leisure.

To keep the magic alive in every corner, Disney Imagineers will assist developers in captivating the history and culture of the location.

The company has announced that estates, single homes, and condominiums will be available for purchase, but prices have not been announced.

While there is no talk about Minnie and Mickey Mouse residing in the community, Disney cast members will be integrated throughout the community offering cooking classes, live performances, seminars, wellness programs, and more.

A project completion date has not been announced.