Imported Beef Products Recalled Due to Lack of Import Inspection

Imported Beef Products Recalled Due to Lack of Import Inspection
Recall product label from the ground beef from JBS Food Canada ULC. (U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service)
Paula Liu

A Canadian company is recalling around 38,406 pounds of boneless beef products due to the lack of re-inspection upon importing into the United States, according to a news release issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).

The company in question, JBS Food Canada ULC, located in Brooks, Alberta, had imported the raw, frozen, boneless beef head meat products into the United States back on July 13.

The imported products would then be sent over to another company to be processed into ground beef products, according to the news release.

As indicated, The FSIS discovered the problem after they found out that the product had bypassed the import re-inspection during routine surveillance.

The product being recalled is the following:

The products being recalled are 80-pound boxes, each containing eight 10-pound chubs of Balter Meat Company 73/27 ground beef, with "use by" dates of Aug. 9 or Aug. 10, 2020; pack dates of July 20, July 21, or July 22, 2020; and lot codes of 2020A or 2030A on the label.

The product being recalled bears the establishment number “EST. 11126” and was shipped to Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina for distribution to local retailers.

Neither the company nor the U.S. Department of Agriculture had received any reports of anyone experiencing any adverse reactions from eating the product, but the department indicated that consumers who have this product that matches both the dates and lot codes should refrain from consummating the product.

Furthermore, the FSIS advises that consumers should contact or visit their health care providers if they are worried about any adverse reactions from the product.

The FSIS stated that consumers should either throw away the product or return it to where it was purchased.

FSIS has categorized this recall as a Class I recall, and in those cases, the product in question is considered a health hazard. FSIS indicates this class as having a reasonable chance that the consumption or use of the product will have adverse health consequences.