How Do You Feel About the COVID-19 Vaccine?

How Do You Feel About the COVID-19 Vaccine?
Chen Cao (C) receives the first dose of a trial COVID-19 vaccine as administrator Dr. Philip Robinson (L) observes at Hoag Memorial Hospital in Newport Beach, Calif., on Oct. 21, 2020. (Courtesy of Hoag Memorial Hospital)
John Fredricks

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif.—Following Pfizer’s announcement on Nov. 9 that its COVID-19 vaccination is more than 90 percent effective, The Epoch Times asked residents Orange County, California, “What are your thoughts on the upcoming release of a COVID-19 vaccine? Do you have any concerns about it?”

Ryan Farnsley, 45, Facilities Manager, Foothill Ranch

I would take a vaccination in a second. If it could help the economy, and if it helps everybody, I’m all for it. I hope it works out, and I would be first in line to take it whether the governor wants us to or not.

Everybody’s going to have concerns that it’s going to pass the coronavirus on to you. I can understand those fears, but I would still take it in a second.

Dan Long, 62, Photographer/Artist, Mission Viejo

I believe I would take a vaccination, although as a consumer, I feel like I still want more information. The initial numbers from Pfizer and other companies that I’ve seen on the news look good to me, though. So, if they’re getting ... good results off of their testing, yeah, I’d get one.

Concerns are any long-term side effects that haven’t come to light, and that’s why I said I would really like more information. But, historically, vaccines have been productive in keeping people safe, so I would get one.

Azerone Perkins, 32, Foothill Ranch

The way that I feel about the coronavirus vaccination is that it takes a lot of time to produce an actual sound vaccination. The fact that we’re in a world pandemic makes me a little skeptical, because I don’t want to be the guinea pig for something like that.

If cases become more severe where it’s almost like a zombie apocalypse and it’s really the only way out, then I’m more likely to take the vaccination. I think when it first comes out, I’m going to stand back for a little bit and just see how it goes. I’m in the age bracket where I feel like I would rather just deal with actual COVID hands on, and then go through with vaccination if needed.

The concern is if the pandemic gets worse and we start seeing like five out of 10 people being affected by COVID and dying. If the vaccination is showing that it’s working, I would lean toward taking it.

Jason Leith, 30, Arts Director, Santa Ana

I plan on getting one. I don’t have anything against vaccinations in general. And I think one of the only ways for us to move forward as a society is for most people to be able to get vaccinated so that we can continue forward, whatever downsides the vaccination might have.

I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist, and I’m not much of a guy who’s against Western medicine, although I do like a little bit of Eastern medicine in there. But I would totally get a vaccination just like I would get a flu vaccination.

I actually don’t really have any concerns. I know people talk about vaccinations and how they’re unjust in different ways, but I haven’t done the research and it doesn’t seem like it’s widespread enough for me to be concerned enough. ... It seems like the benefits far outweigh any of the downsides.

Art Torres, 16, Student, Trabuco Canyon

If I did have COVID, I would take the vaccination first thing, but I would still do my research first. I'll basically search people’s opinion about it first and see if it’s actually legit, or it’s safe, and to see if there’s anything that would be really bad like a side effect on me if I do get it.

The concerns if I do take a vaccine are how is it going to be done. I’m really afraid of big needles and stuff. Along with if the shot will hurt. Any side effects from the vaccination are my main concern.

Craig Chevalier, 69, Lake Forest

I would get a COVID-19 vaccination to be safe. I have a history of asthma, but I have been doing great with it this year. I think the vaccination would be like getting a flu shot.

Once the FDA approves it, I think it should be safe and that lots of people will get rich with that breakthrough. I will trust my doctor for her opinion on taking the vaccination when the time comes.

Evie Sanchez, 30, Teacher, Fullerton

I don’t know what I think about coronavirus vaccinations just yet. I’m going to wait till it comes out and then look at the research being done and see what medical experts advise on taking the vaccinations.

Richelle Bergley, 28, Teacher, Redondo Beach

I would definitely want to do a lot of research and figure out where the vaccine is coming from, make sure that they’ve done adequate research, and what studies that are coming out on the vaccinations.

I think that I have some concerns. I wouldn’t want to take a vaccine without watching a few other people go first. I wouldn’t want to be first in line to do so.

Lucy Grimshaw, 65, Designer, Rancho Santa Margarita

I feel really thankful for the American researchers and scientists and for their diligence and determination to develop a vaccine in such a short amount of time. I am also really thankful for the administration, which has supported the constitution and the freedoms that fostered and encouraged the development of the coronavirus vaccination.

My only concerns are that politics will delay getting the vaccine released in a timely manner for us.

John Fredricks is a California-based journalist for The Epoch Times. His reportage and photojournalism features have been published in a variety of award-winning publications around the world.
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