Gas Prices Across California to Spike

Gas Prices Across California to Spike
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Gas prices in California are to spike 12 cents per gallon across the state.

According to local media outlets, Californians usually see gas prices drop starting in the fall. But the increase is due to a new gas tax that has gone into effect. It will raise prices for normal gasoline by 12 cents per gallon. For a gallon of diesel, a 16-cent increase will go into effect, ABC7 reported.

The tax will translate into $52 billion in revenue for the state of California, the ABC affiliate, pointed out.

The tax hike is due to start Nov. 1 across the state.

At most California gas stations, “you will see a 3- to 5-cent increase” in gasoline prices this week, predicted Michael Blasky, a spokesman for AAA Northern California. “After that, it’s hard to say,” he told the San Francisco Chronicle.

Some California residents aren’t happy, saying that they’re already taxed too much.

“Where does it stop? More taxes and (Californians) already pay the highest prices in the country. It just hits us hard,” said Sacramento resident Lewis Gray, reported the Sacramento Bee.

“So next week we’ll be back above $3 (a gallon), and I’m betting next summer we’ll be back up to $4,” Becky Cole said. “People are hurting to just pay their bills, and another tax makes it harder to keep going.”

The gas tax was included in a bill, SB1, approved by the Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown last April. Also included are extra vehicle license fees starting Jan. 1.

More than 20 other U.S. states have passed similar tax increases on gas.