Dashcam Video: School Bus Driver Tries to Enter Flooded Road, Gets Swept

Jack Phillips

A video posted by a Texas officials shows the moment a school bus was swept away in floodwaters in Williamson County.

The dashboard camera showed the driver, identified as Nathan DeDoung, entering a flooded roadway before floating down the creek, KXAN reported.

“The Leander Police Department has elected to release a portion of the forward-facing video from the bus in an effort to illustrate the dangers of attempting to drive across a low-water crossing during flood conditions,” police told the station. The incident took place Oct. 16.

There appears to be a road sign that the driver goes around before going into the water.

DeYoung, 57, was arrested on charges of endangering a child and not obeying warning signs, the Star-Telegram reported.

A Leander Independent School District representative said he was fired after the incident.

The boy’s mother, Ashley Ringstaff, said the middle school student called her at 8:30 a.m., saying that he was afraid he was going to die.

The child was “telling me he loves me and that he is scared and thinking he was going to die,” Ringstaff said, according to the Star-Telegram. “I hope no one ever has to listen to their child or loved one preparing to die because of a stupid decision that should of never have happened.”

“Water isn’t forgiving and has more force than most people think,” Ringstaff added. “Just because you think you can make it across a low water crossing, doesn’t mean that you will. It’s not worth it, ever.”

According to a statement by the Leander police, “the vehicle displaces 1,500 pounds of water for each foot of water that rises to the side of the vehicle. In short vehicles weigh 1,500 pounds less for every foot of water they’re in,” KXAN noted.

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